Wednesday, March 05, 2014

140305 Day 7 SCC Show

if you've see the posters at bugis plus... this is the show!

supposed to be open to public but became a private event in the end. all invited cosplayers got free dinner!

we started the show with a dance, then there were performance skits and games that we played with the crowd.

sorry the focus was on me as i asked my dear to take using my phone. it was quite scary to dance on the table btw i kept thinking i was gonna fall off. and i wasn't sure if i could remember my steps. turned out well, still, i suppose!

i also had a segment where i was supposed to teach martial arts to be used in cosplay performances.

eventually we ended off with many selfies!

maria and zhane were the emcees of the day~

 and the rest of us put up skits and shows.

my dear stayed long enough and went up as a guest for a short Q&A. hehe.

and a team photo~

and with the boss who made this possible~

great job done everyone!!

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