Tuesday, March 04, 2014

140304 Day 6 River Safari

and we finally got to go to the safari~!
we ate a quick lunch of instant ramen and toast. it was very expensive. always prepare your lunch!

 i can't remember why i took some of the pictures so i'm just gonna spam them.

the pandas are the main attraction here. you can't miss em. too bad only one of them was out that day...

there's this red panda which is very active and cute though!

since we can't take with the actual pandas...

sleepy cats in the trees

and naughty monkeys

you need to pre-book tickets for this ride, so always remember to get them first before you enter the park! they are charging additional for this ride now though. so sad.

things we saw on the ride... not much.

there's a mini splash but you really can't compare this to phloom rides...

after the ride is over we practically walked a big aquarium.

 don't know whether you can see but these 2 fishes kept swimming together. so cute.
i'm quite sure i took a rock fish here somewhere. but i can't see it now. 
look at the size of the crocodile!!! i asked him to squat there for size references. lol.

some more fishies...

and uh. oh well. it hasn't been that fascinating, really. so i probably wouldn't go again!

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