Saturday, March 15, 2014

140315 Kluang Dinner

just another week later, my sis had her malaysia dinner. the 3 of us went to jb early to do our hair before we drove to kluang.

kept retying my hair and in the end look chui. nooo. we didn't book the entire place so my sis felt awkward coming in a glam dress. but she still looks beautiful! *_* and who cares!

the little kid who kept playing around

and my 90+yr old grandma! this will be how i look like another 70years later!

and then fooling around... hahah

what's a wedding dinner without group photos? look at this one! these are all the children of my ahmas. there's more but not all came.

the food was great by the way!

the night ended quickly. i had to wash off my curls. but not before i spam some more pictures. my hair can be restyled into short, medium and long, how awesome is that hohohh. but after washing, it's straight again. NOOOooo

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