Saturday, September 06, 2014

140906 Sailor Senshis at STGCC

so... we went to stgcc as the senshis!!

so excited yet dreading this because i haven't done such characters before and i was apprehensive about how it will turn out. =_= not to mention the bodysuit really makes us all look really faaaaaaat. i was scared i'll spoil my own childhood hero.

but i think it was ok. i think. got up at 9+ to do my make up before heading to bayfront to meet with the others around 12pm. we probably only managed to be ready like 2-3pm. not so bad considering we have to last till night for a shoot.

going to start with the senshis selfies! group selfies because jes brought along her super selfie stick. awesome sia no need photog for groupies loooh.

and then using my own phone. this is my favourite with mira chibii<3 p="">

i think our mercury colors are really very nice. and jes is awesome and pretty as mars!

dear vic who held the team together, coordinated everything and made all of this possible! she even controlled the crowd. woaaah power. 

and there's our sweet jupiter who had to leave early due to an unfortunate event. T_T hope all is well. her helper joel was a dear who bought us all gongcha, and her mom came and brought food for us too. such a supportive family.

and then with the smlj peopleeeee. reiko's costume was all self-made. nice!!

cute little jovelle with her super big eyes as always and yumi is not doing some strange pose, not bad!

and we got a sailor white also. hahahah laogong!

my illegitimate son is finally visiting also. looking good!

saski came and she gave me some home made cookies. yumm yumm from the chef herself!!

miss yuan-jie who forgot who i am TwT

feng huai.. actually your coscard also wrote feng zhun nehhhh

cute little jill!!

a surprise visit from philippines!! zell!!!! he was visiting google office for work and happened to be able to come to the event~

there was an evil sailormoon team as well! only managed to grab this off skye's fb. T_T damn i want the rest!! don't you think she looks like pandora..??

there's so many other people i wanted to take a pic with but my phone's battery had to go flat. Ughhhh.

i managed to grab some of our group photos off facebook though! enjoy the blings!

senshi power!

dear little chibi~

our backs~

all the senshis - my fav~!

about 6pm, we moved off for our shoot at the promontory. managed to see lenneth doing zero outside. kyaa~~!! i really like zero and i think she looks awesome as her. i was quite surprised at her chinese accent though cos i never remembered talking to her in mandarin. woaah.

and a final group selfie by fry fry before we scoot off!

and while we wait for our turns and prep for the shoot...

a nice shot by jes. do wait for the photoshoot pictures! i have none right now TwT

and our memories for the day summed up. joel helped give us all these polaroids and this photo was taken by mira.

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