Monday, September 08, 2014

Eternal Sailormoon WIP

oki so i'm gonna upload my preparation for sailormoon~!! some ref pics for the eternal version. our team was going for the manga version with stage musical materials. my colors were more pinkish than reddish though.

the first thing i worked on was the wand because i didn't have other materials yet. we taobao-ed our cloth and it arrived like less than 3 weeks before the event. gancheong much...!

i had many pvc pipes from the last acm so i just chose 2 that could connect. i wanted to change it to the long/short version and also make it convenient to carry. the other parts were all made out of foam and acrylic painted, then coated with spray paint.

thanks to the circle cutter my dear gave, i could cut a lot of nicer looking circles!

putting on the round parts on the wand. it kept bouncing out cos the foam wouldn't stick around the pole. ughh.

i thought it still wasn't bright enough. so i ordered some miscellaneous mirrored pieces from taobao and stuck a lot of blings on it.

final step was to stick the diamond at the end too convert it to a full-fledged short/long wand... done!

next i worked on the skirt because i wanted to be done with the glitter cloth asap. it really made a mess in my house =_= and the pvc was so thick it was hell sewing through them. but my machine gave good work and managed to mow through 5 layers. whoaaa. it can stand on its own.

sewing the top and the gold lines

and the skirt done!

then the uniform. the body suit was bought from taobao and modified at the color and at the bottom (so we can go to the toilet and wear it comfortably >.<)

made the front wings crest to pin on too. that 2 circles you are seeing is for sailormoon's wig btw. the magnified lens ordered from tb came at the same time. i put the glitter backing for all as it looked nicer like that.

this is made with those plastic pvc and stuck with white pvc cloth

and then the round thingy for the sleeves were made of tube-like foam.

you have to sort of stack the 3 strips like this, sew across then roll the last one back to cover.

i forgot i should have made the ends longer to sew through so i ended up handsewing them cos it was too short.

because the ends were too ugly i had to cover it with a pink strip. heng i have the 3 little feathers sticking out to stick on it to cover the ugliness.

and our team's hands! love how we all sent our WIP over our whatsapp group. heh.

there's another 2 made to sew on to the sailor suit too to complete it.

and then the hair accessories! done just by cutting the sparkly cloth stuck on the plastic pvc. then uhu glued on the pearls and on another transparent pvc to pin on my hair.

wig testing! have to dismantle all the parts and retie them on the day... oops forgot to mosaic the other face. yikes.

and then the boots. we got a long boot from tb and cut them to our length.

sewed all the edges and stuck the strip of glitter and crescent piece on. done!

heh our team all cut the boots like 2-3 days before.

miscellaneous accessories. ordered the parts from tb and linked them together. finding the parts is really hard somehow. would've thought it's a common part =_= but they usually don't come with the holes so i had to find for the necklaces instead.

few more miscellaneous parts like the choker and the straps on her gloves.

and we're all ready for the event!

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