Sunday, September 28, 2014

140928 The Capital of Cosplay

i'm usually pretty lazy to go events but this time i wanted to also see a friend visiting.
to be honest it's not easy trying to see a guest so i never really want to try it again. =_=

i caught vincent from village hope and kits and listened to 2 of her songs first before i left the event.


because i came alone to the event it felt very awkward so i went over to bugis village to shop while waiting for kaika to come and we shopped together after that hahahahah.

went back to the event area and finally managed to catch liui amidst the fangirls. woaaa. don't know what shiki is doing behind but he looks hilarious hahahah.

btw i still think he resembles a mini version of lee min ho. and yes even calling him over to the fence, there's still like hoards of fans swarming around.

liui passed us a little magazine with his feature. and there's also jes and vic inside too!

even sailormoon poster is included. yay!

after we bade farewell to liui, we went off to dinner with karael and kulala. they're so cute together! we had popeyes and cos karael wanted to get a polaroid printer, we walked with them to funan but eventually the prices were 50-100 more than those sold in thailand so didn't get it in the end.

sent them off to their hotel before we called it a night. btw they were using this very cute casio selfie cam that has flash so it took very good pictures. this was taken by kaika though.

not a bad day. even bought 2 skirts for myself at bugis village. haha.

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