Wednesday, December 23, 2009

here's what i really dislike. in random order, purely out of the top of my head.

1. sending someone a request, and getting it confirmed, but never seeing it done
2. see above, even with reminders
3. being late for things
4. people turning up late
5. buying your family things to share, but they don't seem to be touching it
6. initiating a meeting for maybe once in a while but getting rejected
7. see 6., if it happens a second time
8. see 6 again, if it happens a third time
9. knowing the postman was here 20minutes before i'm home
10. trying to call singpost to realise their line is engage
11. trying to call someone with a engaged line, and realising later that i have the outdated number
12. wanting to use the toilet but someone's cleaning it
13. resending something you have already sent
14. actually, redoing something you have already done
15. having your boss forget that you're actually on leave, and remind you for the umpteeth time about the live date of the website
16. and you explaining to him for the 10,000th time why it's still not up yet, with the same reasons as the previous 9,999th time
17. having him tell you to create another report when you already have something similar given (on your holiday)
18. giving my credit number for the 3rd time because it doesn't go through for some reasons
19. people asking the questions you have already answered - please, read your mail for god's sake
20. trying to kill the same monster again and again and getting kicked into the bloody hole.
21. this monster actually takes 2HP at once (fyi, i only have a max of 6HP)
22. what's with lighting up all the bloody fires that can only be lighted for 2secs??
23. knowing i'm facing #1-#22 today, and i am only halfway through my day.

24. and then, having your idiot brother message everyone on your office msn when you're supposed to be on leave.

on a side note, i actually have some stuff to brighten my day.

1. checking my account... and holy cow, it's just increased by 20 fold!
2. getting a registered mail when you didn't pay for it... and so fast!
3. knowing i didn't turn out quite as ugly as expected. but still ugly.
4. all the slashes up there... knowing they've been reciprocated.

well, i'm still counting my fingers. let's see the list when the day's over.

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