Monday, July 05, 2010

i am happy for all the wrong reasons!!

just how many times do you get hugged by your idol and called by name??!?! lols. i am in bliss. and 'see you in japan?' - it's just frickin' awesome. *_*

sorry i don't have very nice pictures of myself. but hoh-well!

and here's an entry adapted from my DA journal:

you know, when i participated in wcs, it has never occurred to me that i'll be representing singapore someday. it was just a tiny dream to me to be able to go korea (and see lee jun ki, but that's another story).

i remembered when they announced us as one of the finalists to be able to go korea, the happiness i felt was just indescribable. i have never won any competition, and i never did have much confidence in the things that i do, that i was just amazed that something i did actually worked (did it work? rather, did it actually happen?)

in singapore, competitions were seen as something people abstained from participating. why? we always thought the performances were lame, and the worst cosplayers always participated. they spoilt the image of cosplay and we didn't want to be associated with them (not that we are proclaiming that we are good). in addition, the prizes were always very strange (vouchers, anyone?), and it felt like they were just trying to make cosplayers look like desperate students who would exchange their pride for makeshift cash. singaporean cosplayers were often demeaned, and there was every right to think this way - we wear the weirdest thing to parade around, and we're not ashamed because we want attention. we talk loudly, sometimes loudly cussing in our broken singlish, that people often think that we're a bunch of unruly kids. spoilt, uncultured, uneducated. because dressing up is simply child's play.

i think it was the korea wcs that changed our cosplay scene and took it up a notch. even though we did put in a lot of effort for our semi-rounds, we were far from what the koreans had shown in their competition. the solo cosplayers were amazing (and i often wonder, what can you do by yourself?), the korea fighting was fast and real... and what amazed me the most was the karas group - they fought in their bulky LED armour with swift actions, and one of them even did a backflip. i think that was when i realised.. what we often thought was good, was nothing compared to them. what you thought was dressing up was serious and professional business to them. they were much more mature, and they took their competitions seriously.

that is why when we came back, we all took a piece them home too. takahan always say that you need to invest to produce something good, and true enough - if you want to put on cheap cosplay and attract cheap attention, you will never be able to produce a good piece of art, and we will always circulate in the same area. that is why when someone put in just a little more effort than the rest, they can own the competition easily.

yesterday, i was touched and honored by all the finalists. i am glad to be fighting with you guys on the same stage. i love the fact that everyone put in their 200% (maybe more), and i believe our scores were probably only a little margin away. i wanted to cry, not because we were going to be representatives, or that i had probably won the biggest prize of my life, but because you guys put in so much that i really hope when they said the top 2 gets to go japan, they really meant the top 2 pairs

to val: i'm sure you will be an even greater ayumi. keep singing and dancing! PWN PWN PWN!!! when i get a new sewing machine i will kuasa mine to you ok 8D and thanks for the bra lols. nono it's not cursed!! why would i curse myself!!

to frank: please pwn all the mini competitions from now on and up the sg cosplay scene. all the marketing depends on you now!!! i will be waiting to celebrate all your glory!!! HUR HUR. i didn't sabo your pillar, they still fall properly ok.

remember our 四人组ok. (bixxx+sinxxx+armxxx+acroxxxxxx) bwhahwhwahawhaw.

and to my partner mm bahamut rocks. you totally owned the scene. i'm unreasonable, impatient and impractical, but too bad you have to stick with me now (unless you want to find xxxx to be your partner). so one more month of torture for you and more ass-kicking!! the one word to tell you now: 忍!

and yes, another month of hell begins...!

"see you in japan!" <3

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