Tuesday, July 13, 2010

oh what.. are you watching this too?

are you trying to see how much i am suffering, so you might laugh and know how much you have affected me?

it is just too bad, because i've finally find the joy in all things simple. i find that i laugh more at simple things now.

i laugh at the hair dryer that's blowing my hair dry.

i laugh at the school girls walking by.

i laugh at the roses in the flowershop.

i laugh at the cakes in the cakeshop.

i laugh at a birthday card.

i laugh at all the photos.

i laugh when i receive an sms.

pillow? ice-cream cake? it's all so silly now, it's laughable.

and i laughed so hard, i feel a sudden surge. everything is just as it seems. and you, you did not make a difference. it all reverts back to the year 1999 from now.

trust, what a peculiar word. people forget. time erases. and how it erases existence well.

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