Monday, October 04, 2010

my colleague is leaving, and i have about 5-6 projects on hand. so why can i still leave on the dot?

well, none of them have actually started officially. everybody's just saying... yes i agree, but no one is giving he proper signed work to let us begin officially. i wonder what we have to start at all. i hope everything don't come all at once. i'm gonna drown if it does.

and i have so little time, with so many things i want to do. i do not have time to worry about you. yet, when i look at the list of contacts, i just automatically expand my last category and look at a particular word. ARGHHHH. it's driving me crazy. and i know EXACTLY how this will turn out. BAD, BAD, BAD. if only i was as cold as blanc neige.

-bangs wall-
-stabs self-

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