Friday, October 08, 2010

in the early days of this week i worked on the crest for richard too.

cutting out the template for the flare using lining bases... i realised this part is actually not that necessary because i was gonna cut the same thing out of the blue piece as well =.=||| but i still stuck this thing on at the back just for the heck of it.

i put the jacket cut out underneath as a reference for the size.

after cutting the blue base, i cut the same thing for the peach lining, whilst cutting out all the middle parts.


i then paste this peach lining over the blue satin, which is overall pasted on the white base (not needed) so that they are fixed in place and easier to sew on later on. i used bondo glue! hell yeah!!

then after it's stuck on, just sew along while folding the outer parts in... tedious... and i ended up getting a bit the unbalanced crest, but oh well!!! don't think it's that visible once i have my collar scarf covering it... i hope...!!



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