Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sometimes i wonder if i am going to remain like this forever.

and today happens to be one of those times.

i am comfortable with where i am, but is this where i want to stay permanently?

where do i wanna go?

what do i wanna do?

what is important to me?

and one question that was asked repeatedly to me today...does it tie in with my aspirations? and i knew i was at a loss. what aspirations were i looking at? hobby-wise... or career-wise?

i know there is hardly a way to tie both together. i have 2 different lives, and they are really as different as each can be. i'm so afraid that either will eat up the other one, and i'm having a pretty good balance right now. but what i want to proceed as a step further in the future may prove to disrupt this balance. do i want that?

i feel like i'm just waiting and waiting. for something. something. but that something will probably never happen.

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