Wednesday, July 15, 2009

11th july - finally graduated!

well of cos i have been a graduate formore than half a year. i just didn't go through the ceremony. didn't think it was that big a deal until the red carpet had people strolling in with the different school flags, and the stage was filled with professors in colorful regalia.


feels so harry potterish, i almost cried.

the ceremony after that is so long, i wanted to just fall asleep. and i cannot help but cringe when i know our valedictorian is associated with jesus.

when commencement ended (i've always wondered why it's called commencement, now i think it means start of ceremony), the different faculties proceeded to different holdings to receive their cert. i'm glad i could remain, because i don't think my 3 invitations would be able to smuggle in 5 different person in another place again. 8D

when it was finally my turn, i was all too relieved.



but what we actually received inside the booklet is empty. holy cow, thought there'd be a certificate of graduation or something. oh well. then i realised we could go out and spam pictures! (before the crowd comes...) sorry for all those whose name was called after i was gone. oops.

and i was glad my family came to support me. no worries about the dress shirt and ties, dad came in jeans and managed to enter anyway. and my dopey brother looks shuai enough. my sis is lovely in her dress. mom looks like christmas in red and green, but she's still awesome. *hugs everyone*


yes, and you as well. am really glad you came. (thanks for the lovely graduation present with my name on it too). thanks for your support, and i'll be sure to attend your graduation when it comes (",)


my ahyis came with their daughter and son (but they just refused to take with me)



and they'd rather roll around and disturb my photos


this is just amusing. look at my lovely cousins.


my bestest friend, xm, for more than 7 years.


we tried to throw hats. was unsuccessful. oh well. (realised the people were all throwing hats later on after that. damn, too late)


here's limin, who introduced me to my f5 job as data entry. and now i'm their business consultant. thanks girl! we'll always have dim sum yeah?


only planned to take pictures with people closest to me, but while being tugged by xm on her 'let's find people to take photos with' whim, i took a bit more than intended.

found ryan, a jcc cum kendo friend. japanese culture rocks yeah?


debbie, a pretty LTB group mate


tholmas, and i'd always think your name is strange.


chinese harry potter. >.<


my family again! my mom, her sisters and their children. whew!


and BLEWKY! ya right. there's only wini. couldn't find kaykey. sighs. remember to photoshop me in your photoshoot ok? i'm so sad there's no blewky grad photo. T_T sian.


... and thus the day ends, with whatever my brother is trying to do to my cousin.


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