Friday, July 03, 2009

ok let's see...


-i get a proper shot with squall (seriously, if there's no squall i wouldn't even be considering this character)
-i get a shoot with squall (yes i'm so gonna corner squall)
-it's games related
-location kinda fitting for character

-need to get my boots done
-my hair sucks
-my arms suck
-female character sucks
-too little clothes, i'm gonna be cold
-i run the risk of impossibly ugly photos with double chins and fat arms
-what if... there's no squall?!?!??!?!?!


-male character, i like
-well, there's naruto games right
-lots of nice, thick make up. good, can hide face.

-bonesword too furry
-i can't walk around in his shoes. hell.
-my wig hair sucks too his zigzag parting drives me nuts
-he doesn't wear much too, i'll get cold
-i need a binder, and i still haven't got one
-i run the risk that my costume might drop off (yes i repaired the zip.. but you know)

my conclusion is... i probably shouldn't even cosplay... looking at the cons. T_T ARGHHHHH somebody shoot me.


-nice thick clothes
-yes, there's harutoki games. but it's SO NOT well known
-nice make up

-i need an amulet
-should i change his furry ball?
-his hair is too troublesome to roll mans
-convention centre scenery don't exactly fit an onmyouji.

eh heh??? heh? heh?

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