Monday, July 20, 2009

nothing much going on this weekend except i have my sewing machine back and i went to watch harry potter. t'was a bit disappointing considering the lack of action... lack of surprises (except when the hand grabbed harry at the horcrux place... zzz), lack of a rounded off ending (where's dumbledore's funeral??).

on top of that, the theater was bad - which ignorant mother brings their babies to watch harry potter?! of cos they would cry. and the incessant banging of the toilet doors behind. the constant ringing of handphone (please, you should already know your manners than keeping it on sound mode), people shifting in their seats (you can hear the screeches when they move), someone trying to tell the other loudly 'would you please shut up?' (don't you just sense the irony), and did i mention the floor was sticky. god knows what was dried up there (pee, maybe). my slippers were constantly stuck on the floor. and there was a weird smell wafting around - perhaps smell of the stinking kids.

i'll never watch movies in cck again. ever.

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