Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ayes.. the irony of it. first i caused a major booboo by clarifying an unfounded statement with an overseas organiser, now who is the one stirring up all the shit and getting the whole community involved? who's the politician now?

we are really alike, in many ways.

there is nothing that i'm denying, so don't bother trying to defend yourself - please, pray do tell everyone who exactly is the person you're having a spat with. or do i have to pm you? my, my, the contradictions. if this is how you plan to destroy a 5 year friendship, there is nothing i can do. oh, and thanks also for helping me identify my subconscious power of being able to convince people unknowingly, you know how we always want our own special powers - and now i've found mine. unfortunately, you seem to have forgotten your listening audience is now a mature bunch of 20+year olds who can actually think and analyse from both sides, by and for themselves. so much for marketing 101.

if i fool people with my innocent ways, aren't you quite the same with your confounding words?

logically speaking, writing your own POV in a public journal is not a way to get things straight. In fact, the thing you wanted to do was to tell the whole world and blow things up even further. game's over, objectives' revealed.
realistically speaking, it does help to increase your DA views. everyone knows the might of your words outweigh the lure of your photos.
psychologically speaking, it does make you feel a lot better doesn't it? PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW WHAT A PRETENDER SHE IS, AND HOW I HAVE SUFFERED.

confusing? don't be. after all, you would rather be direct with somebody else than settle this personally.

by the way, there's only an average of 10 unique monthly viewers on my blog. and they are all locals (read: there was never any overseas cosplayers involved, but lord knows if it's the same for yours'). i prefer to keep DA for cosplay archives, rather than a tool for vindication.

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