Monday, December 13, 2010

a late post on the present i did for denise. went through her wish list and yay! we're gonna be in the same group for this so might as well do something to motivate her (i hope).


yes she's doing such a sexy character... all the revealing parts are so dangerous..

actually the sewing of the ribbon and joining of the parts are all pretty easy, in fact i think i did it in less than an hour.

it's the gathering of the materials that's difficult. i walked the whole day - textile centre, arab street... and for that 2 golden balls i probably traversed orchard's spotlight, art friend and various christmas decor places to get it. finally located an appropriate one with the right size at causeway... thank goodness for christmas...! finally the tail tassels i got them at spotlight, but i would much rather use a wig, but i had no time to ship one in nor get one on the spot with the correct color. oh well... hope you like it anyway!!

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