Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's like the more you try to perfect something, the more errors that turn up. it's very irritating. first it's the weather, then people flying kites, then this and that peeling, and finally the output shows that i ought to have checked more dilligently in the first place.

well anyway, the post should be more on my emily. i gave up on the seams because it just keeps getting stuck. what should have taken an hour takes thrice as long because the device itself is just not working properly. it just pisses me off so much.

since it's gonna be hidden, it didn't really matter.

1) so i'm just gonna sew where it matters. leave gap for stuffing, of course.


2) flip inside out


3) and stuff with fluff


4) sew together


5) and put on the damn clothes. oh, and cut some bundles off my existing wig, colored it brown, tied together and uhu glued onto the head. sewed on the red ribbon.


and i cannot find a more relevant chain of events that could have perpetrated the problem. i'm really at the end of my patience.

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