Tuesday, December 04, 2012

121202-03 Batam Trip

Ssssso i went to batam with yvonne over the weekends.

woke up at 5am to get ready and left to meet yvonne at 7am harbourfront. yawns. the ferry took about 45 mins to arrive and only set off around 815am. wonder why we needed to be there so early =_=

our tour guide brought us to a lot of souvenir + local products shop, so we practically ate the whole day. first was the choco factory. well, there's indonesian chocos but i wasn't too attracted by things i could buy in singapore. we basically went around tasting all the flavours.

then was the polo shirt place. supposed to have some grand sale but the designs weren't all that fantastic. and it wasn't as cheap as those at the terminal. and i realised the 50,000 rupiahs my mom gave me were expired money so i couldn't really buy anything anyway. (not to mention it's only about $6-7. lol)

then we were brought to eat kueh lapis at a home factory. wow the slabs of butter for the thousand layers.. even though it smelt so good. this was the only thing i bought for the whole journey, at $25/cake. though i heard you could get them at the terminal for $18. oh well.

next up was an otah feast. same, went around tasting. the houseflies are irritating. $9 for 25 otahs wasn't so bad, since they have a lot of seafood flavours that are generally expensive in singapore. it was gonna be lunch after this anyway so didn't buy any.

after this it was finally our seafood lunch.

they have some cute kissing fishes in their aquarium. look it's kissing the butt!

ooh and then it goes for the lips!

ok lunch. to be honest, it wasn't all that fantastic. the portions were not big, but ok for our table. since we all ate otahs and chocolates and whatnots, we weren't really that hungry (it was all part of the tour guide's ploy). yvonne couldn't take seafood, and they gave her a huge bowl of clear soup with tofu, tomatoes and some raw vege. they also gave her 2 plates of greens that she rejected. where's the chicken that she could eat??? poor yvonne. in the end she couldn't really eat anything except the beehoon soup and those greens. owww.

we were supposed to have free coconut drinks with the meal too, but it was so terrible - the coconuts they gave had almost no flesh at all and tasted sour. thank goodness we could exchange for one. bleah. see the one on the right - no flesh and the one we finally got at the corner with the flesh. what a difference.

thankfully we got to skip the temple trip and some random stuff because we weren't really interested in all the sightseeing and it was drizzling. so no miniature country for me. we went for our 1hour massage (only $10!) and then took a taxi back to the hotel around 3+pm. 

what me and yvonne were only looking for was our hotel shoot actually. lol. 

and we were pleasantly surprised by how awesome our hotel is!! harmoni one~~

and some xmas decorations are up!

here's the floor of the guest rooms.

and finally our bedrooms (sorry, this was taken on day 2 so it looks messy. oops)

we prepared ourselves for our photoshoot, then ordered a hotel dinner of chicken teriyaki. slept around 1030pm since we finished off early. (or rather, our lapis kueh came and someone had to collect it, and my cam ran outta battery) wheee~

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