Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 5 Comic World

on sunday, we headed down to the comic world.

it seems that it wasn't particularly interesting for them to attend comic world, and it was not recommended for me to cosplay there, because of the weather, the crowd and also of the potentially dangerous photos that could be taken. T_T

in the end though, there were 2 huge inner hall where it was pretty warm inside with all the booths.

caruto spotted! he's still as cute as ever. his paw paw is so cuuuuuuute.

honestly there's nothing for me to buy, that's why i always don't visit all these. however, i saw a lot of kurobasu and saber goods, so i thought i'll get them for smlj instead. and i did manage to get quite some stuff, since 50% of the booths were almost all kurobasu. the rest was like LoL (why is it under comics though??), SAO, fate stay night etc so sad. probably only saw like 1 booth selling FF, and only FF13.

there's also another hall that's crazy packed with cosplayers, where performances were happening at. wanted to watch but can't really get a decent view. d'gray man was performing at that time, and it looked really nice with all their moving backgrounds!

went outside to walk a little but it was just freaking cold....! i wonder how these cosplayers cn tahan!! they are wearing almost the same amount of clothes as if it's singapore weather. gosh. and some had lots of skin showing. O_O. my respect!!!

caught some csl members on the loose! actually, they were gonna shoot with ta-sem. here's nakyu and lunabelle, and aryeong in the second photo. they are doing characters from cyphers. kyaaaaa i like nakyu <3 a="a" cosplays="cosplays" csl="csl" href="" more="more" of="of" see="see">here
. the top banner shows all the characters they did for cyphers >.<

we also met some csl cafe members at the event, and seonmin, the representative with jungu from amaterasu. it was a bit weird getting introduced to everyone (as sivir and sg rep... guuuh...) because i have no idea what to say =_= one of the cafe fans even bought cakes for us. *w*

we then had dinner at a bbq place again. there's so many of us (i think 17 or 18, with 3-4 cafe fans) that we have to settle down in batches. ooh and it was so good to see mr gogi again. he always has interesting things to say. and i must say, he has a black hole for a stomach. that's waaaaay too much meat he was eating.

we moved to macs for desserts later (is it a tradition to always have dessert though?) since it was about the only place that can accomodate so many of us.

and jimin's cat was going crazy sniffing all our bbq so it was time to feed it. kyaaa! it's such a well-groomed, pretty white cat!!! meowwwwwww~~

and i don't know why, but after a while they started to dress aryeong in a strange get up. maybe because he was the youngest there. poor thing.

and jimin said he would like to try it so he was next. lol.

but ta-sem is the cutest cat there. no resistance at all.

and that was our night~

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