Tuesday, December 04, 2012

From batam to singapore

we had a lovely buffet breakfast at 8am. and i do mean like, really awesome because all the food we picked tasted good! much better than a lot of breakfast at hotels that i've had. there was croissants, cereal (typical western), japanese curry, dim sum (although we only saw baos and lotus rice), and asian-styled breakfast.

live cooking for scrambled eggs and sunny side ups!

oops, only had leftovers. too busy eating to remember to take a photo. 

thereafter, we went back to our hotel rooms, watched fashion tv and nua-ed till 1130, where our bus came to pick us up.

sadly, it started pouring like mad so we couldn't really do anything except hand around the ferry terminal, grab some last minute souvenirs, and nua at a waffle cafe, talking till the ferry came around 3pm.

queued for half an hour and boarded aroudn 330pm. it was so packed we couldn't get a seat together T_T. and the aircon in the basement of the ship was SO SUPER COLD. thankfully we reached around 530pm, sparing us of the freezing torture.

and it was hi singapore-with-toilets-that-actually-has-toilet-paper again~

honestly i wouldn't mind going back just for the hotel again. and maybe the miniature country / go karts maybe since i didn't see it. but none of all those food crap again. pfft.

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