Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 1 Arrival at Gimpo

so i went to korea over the dec holidays. thank goodness i checked my schedule again because i realised i was gonna arrive at gimpo and not incheon =_= so i got up at like 5am and headed to the airport, reaching about 8am. plane was scheduled to leave 930am. plenty of time for me to loiter around in fact.

took air china over since it was the cheapest available flights at this period. was bracing myself for a rough ride but the plane turned out pleasant! entertainment was good, seat was good. watched 2.5 movies - snow white and the huntsmen, and licoln vampire hunter. nutcracker was bad, didn't finish it.

since i had transfer flight, i got to have 2 meals. YAY. airplane food for the wins!

reached beijing for an almost 3 hours rest.

thank goodness my colleague told me beforehand that the transit would be in the middle of the tracks and you had to take a shuttle bus to the airport, so i was well-prepared with my winter jackets. there were terminals where if you scan your passport, you get wifi login to surf. took the plane around 630 towards seoul. my dinner~

reached gimpo in 2 hours. no entertainment, but i was entertained enough by my food anyway. was around 945pm when i got out. looooooong flight.
but it was all worth it since the first person i see was you. <3 p="p">

managed to take the 10pm bus towards yong-in, then checked in at a nearby Hotel Cinema. not a bad place! it's 60k won for a normal room, and 70k per night for a special room.

oh the room is a little messy because i only remembered to take the pictures the next day. haha.there's one big twin bed and a single bed. i would have been fine with a normal room actually, but oh well. they have almost everything (including like facial foam and moisturizer etc, computer even) except bath robes.

bathroom is huge!!
nyan~ ^_^ my first winter! and i'm seeing snow!! it was -10degrees. but i don't know the first few snow scenes i saw was the dirty black streets - because melted snow with dirt.. created black lumps of i don't know what. so sad. hopefully i get to see the sky snowing soon!

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