Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 2 CSL and Folk Village

it seemed that there was a bit of snowing overnight since the the amount of snow sort of increased. noooo i missed it?? well, there should be plenty of chances to see it in the next few days i hope.

breakfast at dunkin! they have some pretty nice wraps!

visited CSL office in the morning. just look at the streets! it was a pretty fine morning. though the weather was still too cold for me to adjust to.

there's no bus that goes to shine ville from yong-in, so taxi's the only way.
 and here's the office~

and a collage of the team members greet you at the door. i'm at the bottom left corner!

i feel like i'm entering some kind of exhibition. look, my favourite karas armour. must shake hands with it kyaaaa~~~

and all the studio scenes...

and if you enter here, you'll find 2 more studio rooms. wowwww.

also visited 00's crazy dogs. here's the front of his house. the buggy takes us around shine ville.

they were so pretty but scary because of the barking cacophony -w- i wanna step in to hug them but i'm afraid i might become dog food. they didn't bite when i petted them though.

we had lunch delivered to the office. their service is super fast, reaching within 15-20mins of ordering. i think their delivery box is so cool hurhur

i think i'm not that used to the food though. wasabi sauce all over this thingy.

and super spicy onion rice. mwaaaa...

i think only the kimchi and the soup was good.

after lunch, we went to visit the korean folk village, where all the historical dramas was filmed at. whooooo~~!!

mwahahah i'm so proud to say i watched almost 80% of those on the timeline. hur.
hmm not sure what these hanging things are but it's nice~

general picture of the landscape and the historical lives

museum that showcase the lives of the people then. picture spamming time.
actually the funny thing about this picture is that the bugs proportions are much bigger than the humans. horrors or horrors, perhaps in joseon, they have mutated godzilla bugs???

food food food!
comic strips on the zodiac animals

here's some pictures of the houses. actually they all look so similar i can't really tell which appeared in the dramas, or which belong to the nobles/scholars etc.

this place looks very iljimae to me.

unless, of course, they are marked like this. hehehh.

swing swing!
here's some nice frozen lakes and pagodas i took. think rooftop prince was done here/

iced lakes!

this looks like arang has been filmed here...

 i mean, you see, even the magistrate was there.

eysh. of course, here's the real one.

and i'm holding his hands *w*

some more drama scenes!

kyaaa~~~ the king's man area!

there's even a museum for the mask dance. moooooo~

and what's a mask museum without gonggil right?!?!

and what's the point of coming here if i don't take pictures with gonggil right!?!?

the costume place was already closed, but at least i managed to take this oh well

my foot was already freezing like crazy by then. ended the tour and returned for dinner... bbq with the members~

met hyunbin and aryeong officially that day too (those 2 at the back).

and after dinner, we went for some baskin robbins.

this tub is seriously huge. bought 2 at first but decided 1 should be brought back to the office.
 THANK GOD. if i continue eating like i did i'm gonna put on 1kg everyday.

returned to the hotel for the night. whee~~~!

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