Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 3 Gangnam

woke up at like 12+. oops. kept thinking it was only 5am because it was so dark in the room, but because 00's friends kept buzzing him on his phone, checked the phone and realised it was time to check out.

went to get some ski stuff at gangnam. the total was crazy. i really like the jacket though. *w*

we then tried to walk over to gangnam and kept getting trapped. not a good idea to walk too much with shopping spoils.

we ate this very nice egg pancake thing at gangnam.

according to 00, gangnam has a lot of 'useless' things, such as pillar cameras. you can take photos at these pillars, and choose to send them to your email. i think they are pretty neat!

you can also put decorations, stickers etc and write on it. :]

since it was nearing the end of 2012, there were a lot of globes around for people to write their wishes on. i went to write happy new year too.

and of course, what's gangnam... without gangnam style??!

we were supposed to catch a movie but we ran a little late and missed the bus back. stayed on to have a bbq dinner, where we ordered beef this time. i personally prefer chicken since it isn't as fatty. oh god, good food is wasted on me. we then met lopez at the bus station, where he handed me this!!! realised i didn't take a picture with him T_T
kyaaaa!!! JUNKI-NIM~~~~ SARANGHAEEEEEEEE. it has my name on it it has my name on it it has my name on it it has my name on it it has my name on it it has my name on it it has my name on it
oh when will i be able to meet you!? i can't die in peace if i don't ever meet you!!!!

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