Monday, December 10, 2012

Diva Blood+

so i decided to make a costume that i can take for winter. :> yay! after looking around, i settled on this. heheh. diva is the eccentric and sadistically crazed character that fits me just nice.

and i decided to follow this as it has a lot more flowery details. mwhaha.

so i worked over the weekends and decided to modify my cloche costume. there were glue stains where i plucked out the details so i covered them with lace patterns. well, i'm certainly not one for accuracy but considering the personality and lifestyle of diva, it's safe to say that she looks like someone fancy enough for laces. (self-reasoning)

the back

i used velvet for the cloak, since it's gonna be cooooold. but i doubt this will protect me from the harsh winter. =_=

made laces out of purple satin for the trimmings

then i spent like 4hours beading this to decorate the lace T_T 

sewed them on at intervals...

doesn't look like the effect is that great though *cries* maybe i won't do it for all the other skirt trimmings. will die. not completed since i lack the cloth. bleahs.

oh and i colored my rose and sprayed a silver tint.

added a bit of gems for the sparkly water effect. then the ribbons for her rose brooch. done!

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