Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 4 Konjiam Ski

walked around 00 house area in the morning and visited the dogs. man, their barkings are really crazy. within 5m, they start to charge towards you (but blocked by fence) and bark. with almost 10 dogs barking, the whole neighbourhood can be woken quite easily.

but still, because they are so beautiful, i want to touch them.

view of all the dogs! these are the little ones and the bigger ones returned and surfed a bit before 00 appeared around 10+ to take me to the office.

prepared our ski stuff~~! but the ski bag's zip went bonkers and couldn't zip, so we had to safety pin and masking tape it. hahahah so funny. we then set off to ski! was a 20+ mins ride to konjiam ski resort via taxi, and an hour ride by bus.

whee~~~ my first time at a ski resort, though i vaguely remember i've been to something similar to this before when i first came to korea with a tour group... but anyhow, first time on a snowboard!

had a bit of food before that. hotdogs are nice!

since it was gonna be cold, i was pretty much aptly prepared, so i didn't feel too cold in the end. HENG. we traveled by cable up hill, and 00 taught me how to move around on the board. actually we were snowboarding and not skiing. it was really super hard. T_T first, the boots were such that your ankle can't twist, and once you strap yourself to the board, there's a certain way to bend and you have to keep your legs apart all the time. and with all the gears, it was just too tiring to move around. and i kept falling, and couldn't get up without help.

you really need a lot of leg and hand power for this sport. i felt a bit sorry because 00 had to teach me all the time and couldn't enjoy snowboarding himself. wahhh. gave up and took pictures in the middle. HAHA. i'm quite positive i was sweating inside, so it was a relief to take off my beanie and goggles.

after like an hour and a half i finally managed to finish the hill. we stopped for a snack break at 9-11, then at angelius. then met some of his friends. they helped us take a picture here. hehehhehe. so professionally taken!

actually i thought we were done with the ski, but it seems we had to go another round!!! *gasps* it's ok, i can do this! and we did it faster this time, in about an hour. phew. still, my kneeeeees. oh gawwwwd.

oh and it was snowing slightly at the time we were about to leave. it was beautiful. it was like specks of lightly shaved ice falling gently. and i'm watching this with you.

we took the bus back to yong-in thereafter. boohoo i lost my inner gloves (that's right, my gloves were double layered). the bus stopped like in the middle of nowhere and my bladder was seriously bursting. thankfully there's a building nearby to relief myself. and there's an interesting mirror in all the cubicles, where it says at the top 'the person you are looking at now is the coolest person in the world'. hmm what an ego booster while you're doing your business.

finally managed to get on a cab and had dinner with some visiting members, nakyu and lunabelle. these young people make me feel so old. T_T they are so so cute though. and mr d-man and kyungmin keeps teasing them, making them clean up their food after we've all eaten. guess it's the senior-junior relationship!! it was a fun night! (",)

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