Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Adekan Shiro WIP

i'm actually making costumes in my weekends..

just that i couldn't really find the time to post. but anyway here's some progress. i think i made this probably more than a year ago. a lot of my stuff are half done, either cos the finishing prop is too big and i won't have storage space to finish or i just found other projects to move on to D8

so anyway here's some ref for this girly-looking guy i'm making.

it actually looks fairly simple but i was mainly attracted to that fish umbrella he's holding (which is still not done till now!!!)

so i started with the chestplate

yeah i used painting instead of wrapping this time because well, i had the colors to use. hahah! painting is a tedious job though and i had to do like 5 layers zzzz

once you get over the painting the fun part begins - decoration and lining with laces~~

and the tassels to go along completes the set

i did the head mask at the same time too. almost the same procedure. i did chain along some beads with the tassels to string on both sides.

and then the clothes

the shorts was a little complicated - i did one in satin for the inner shorts and the outer skirt layer in the fancier fabric

and combined - ta da!

then there's the long tail on each side. i used brown brocade on one surface and white on the other one.

but i realised white wouldn't look too nice and i pasted red cloth over the white side, and lined it with further lace to cover the sides. 

last was the fishy prop that i've yet finished... i took some time to sew all the scales with gold edges..

probably handsewed over hundreds of these while watching drama. bwahwha.

and then the fins.

gold edges were sewed all over 

i did the base of the umbrella fish... but i think my mom dismantled it somewhere and i've yet continued working on this thing... 

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