Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Belle's Shopping List

so so so i was so boliao i compiled a list of all my materials from tb. hahhahah.

so belle's cost is now at $101.49. shipping is just 1.2 of the cost in RMB to cover the shipping cost to SG. it's just a gauge, anyway. and all my rates are at 4.2 RMB to 1 SGD. quantity is usually in pieces or metre.

DescriptionQuantityURLCost (RMB)Shipping (SGD)Cost (SGD)
lemon yellow 4mm rhinestones400$0.23
gold rhinestones 3mm0.2$2.06
belle's wig1$25.14
gold gauze glitter5.5$15.29
gold rose brocade3$14.34
gold glitter ribbon1$9.29
light gold satin10$18.86
orange-yellow color change cloth2$2.86
gold-yellow brocade3$9.14
yellow irridescence chiffon2$4.29

Added on 11 Apr - sub-total $36.52, Total for belle: $138.01

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