Monday, February 09, 2015

Kazemon Digimon WIP

oops i didn't realise i had forgotten to post the WIP for this. so here's an update.
and the character reference from digimon, known as fairymon or kazemon.

but of cos you noticed that she's wearing bra and panties. and obviously i'm not gonna wear that in public so i sort of modified it to shorts. i used pink/purple pvc so that it won't end up looking like lingerie but more of an armour. and also cos i like all things shiny.

lined everything with white riboon so it wouldn't look so 'raw'

the neckline

with the shoulder pads

and my hot pants.

here's the boots

wing pattern is made of satin covered with chiffon, then seamed with gold ribbons

then pasted onto the boots with all the other small little parts

next the gloves. the silver-scaled cloth i used kept peeling off. urghhh.

then pasted on the wings.

that red thing in the middle wasn't very nice so i had it changed to an origami paper instead.

all the rainbow colored stuff was all cut out at once from this material i bought from philippines when i went for LoL rampage. thank goodness i had a lot left to use!

pasted them on PVC, then used sewed black ribbon rims all around. the veins were all black sticker, had to cut the individual pieces out to paste but they didn't stick very well.

i then folded clear PVC to thick rods and pasted it with industrial acrylic tape. added the elastic rubber band so i can wear them like a backpack

my mirror cuts me out perfectly. hah.

last is the eye shield she uses which is the most awesome of any character cos i wouldn't need to draw any eye make up,. hah! actually, this is the most expensive part to make. that paper in the middle costs me over $45 to import from tb at a super fast rate =_= it looks silver on the outside but you can actually see from the other side. quite cool huh.

and all the pieces combined!

i made a 2D kazemon for prop usage too. the base is corrugated board. the rest is about the same materials i used.

even made the hair out of some old purple cotton i had. haha. looks convincing??

and other props we made to prepare for ACM.

the top slits at the back as it's stuck with velcro so you can easily rip all apart quickly.

prepared a huge background which we never used cos we had difficulty pinning it up... sadsssss

our 'power' boards.

the flipside is just grass as disguise.. you can step on them to flip them to our power board.

and a bunch of pompom to imitate kazemon's power.

well, i couldn't find white color... hahahah.

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