Wednesday, June 23, 2010


less than 2 weeks till the competition and our progress is still... miserable. very miserable. everything just seems to not be done (except my costume which i prepared for more than half a year zzz. wig IS a problem though). i'm freaking out. i'm stressed about having to work on it after work, and i've never been so uptight before.

and we have to go for day 1. this is impossible, it's one less day to work on it, and one more reason i'm so stressed. and now all i can do is sit in the office and worry about it for the whole day. i don't even have motivation for the upcoming pitch (after all it seems that it's a goner).

any kind souls please...

my only comfort now is listening to our recording, though my voice kinda suck... i still love the whole thing generally. hopefully it will instill the pace and actions - you know how people can actually practise in their minds... but no, i can't really practise yet, don't even know if the music can go with our actions. ARGHHHH. freak. freAKKK. FREAAAAAAAAAAKKK!!!

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