Monday, June 14, 2010

i think that my blog is the best place to put updates when you don't want anyone to find out that you are updating anything.

sounds confusing?

ok, there are a few network i'm on that could actually have allowed faster updating:

1) facebook - not advisable because 400+ people gets notified instantly including my colleagues. not good if you want to complain about work.

2) twitter - even worse, my boss is following me on twitter. that's the kind of thing that happens when you cannot reject someone from following you. of course, blocking the person will backfire. (why don't you try blocking your boss who's following you) that's why i rarely update my twitter. and even if i have to update it will be during office hours - i spend 3/4 of my day there, that's why.

3) deviantart - it's somewhere for you to post your art... can't have myself blogging complains all the times and notifying all the watchers as well.

that's why my blog is so safe. unless of course, someone with the spare time to do it actually bothered to do a search and stumble across this, and realised that it's my blog... i trust my colleagues wouldn't be that free, actually.

anyway the point of this post is just to say... i'm feeling very bored doing things that i'm too lazy to motivate myself to do and wasting my time away... don't know how much time i've wasted zzz. so i need an outlet to grumble! *grumble grumble*

sighhs and wcs is so close and we're not even half prepared. except to prepare to get annihilated. *spirit escapes* i feel like watching kaichou wa maido now but i didn't bring my headphones!! grrrr.... maybe manga will do... oh no i've that status update to complete first which i'm totally procrastinating... uhhhhh.... monday blues...

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