Monday, June 14, 2010

yawns... i can't believe i wasted my weekend away by just waiting and waiting.

oh well, i can't say it's completely a waste, at least i managed to see shaun chen (and he smiled at me! lols), 715 and teh-ping. and su ya (i still cannot remember her real name... :( bi something) taught me how to play minesweeper properly and mahjong tiles also. bwhahah.

as you can see, on sat, i had more than enough time to paint a picture of the judge (who was wen liang? wen fu? oh well, you'll know when you watch it)


and su ya gave me an A+. lols. we did sit together for almost 10+ hours so i guess she wasn't as aloof as said. very smart actress with brilliant chinese and fantastic memory!! i was so impressed with her delivering paragraphs of her dialogues smoothly and she only remembered it in the morning. wooooow.

didn't know being a lawyer's assistant means i have to keep typing and typing. cannot look at the witness meh...

we filmed till 2am!!! so i had to stayover at rina's. her mom was kind enough to even prepare supper for me and prepare all the stuff i need to sleep and so on. and that's where i stole OL's first kiss. bwhahahh. thank you rina!!

and this is rina grabbing OL, not me


took some time for him to stay still. poor hamster...


yes i look so pro right (but i think director still thought my hair was fail *bishhh). this is my own make up with just finishing powder from their make up unit.


my hair on sunday was supposedly neater but that just equates to being nerdy. and the make up was terrible, the magnum maybelline mascara the girl used kept bringing dark eye circles on me, even though it did make my lash longer (as if anyone will notice though). i think my make up skills are much better than her. pui. it's so fail that i didn't want to take a photo of myself. zzz

so if you were wondering where i was.. well i was cosplaying lawyer's assistant for the 2 days. bleahhs.

oh yeah, did you know there's a typhoon in toa payoh on sunday? hahahah

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