Friday, May 03, 2013

130503 Hyewan and Itaewon

boarded the morning bus over to hyehwa and had lunch at a nearby restaurant. the pancake to the right wasn't to my taste, but the spicy beef/pork (i can't remember what it is) is heavenly! the place is called The Rice (Deo Pab).

we took a little walk around hyehwa, then stopped at hello kitty cafe.

ordered drinks and lazed around while we waited for them.

we probably spent a good 2 hours inside just sitting there doing nothing, but we spotted another singpaorean group of people... sleeping there. guess we all have a habit of liking to laze around in cafes!

when we got out there was a bakery having promotion so they were slicing these really big cakes into pieces for all the customers outside tours les jous.

of cos once you get a piece of the cake you need to take a little tour in their bakery. which wasn't so bad since i like cake shops. but not that we bought anything. lol.

we headed back to the hostel then and got dressed for the night.

 stopped at itaewon, where javezz bar is. it's actually pretty easy to find, just outside the mrt.

not sure what's the occasion but the place was bustling with people!

since eric wasn't around, his wife took care of us and we got drinks on the house! had about 2 drinks before we headed off to the clubs.

this club that we're going to, is unlike any clubs i've been to!! the place is full of handsome young dudes who are not only all dressed to the nines, but have proper jobs (as we got a few of their name cards), and they take the initiative to approach you and buy you drinks. just staring at them was enough!

the interiors were pretty classy too. 

diamante studded menu. what gives.

we went back around 3+ because i was getting bored since xm was stuck talking to a guy for super long. wasn't very interested in anyone and the smoke was getting to me, so i had to get home then.

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