Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 3: Busan Comic World

woke up early to get ready to go bexco... but because there were still several things that were incomplete so we stayed till 1pm to finish up and check out.

the event was at bexco, a rather large convention centre. kind of like our suntec city in a way.

ready to be dressed~ i did quite a simple base make up for saber.

there isn't much photos that was taken because ta-sem was busy taking videos... so here it is~

i was actually quite disappointed that i had to go out with an unfinished sword. oh well... better next time... here's waky and me - waky looking crazy as usual. hahahha. i think he's the one who suffered the most, having to finish his costume till morning, and cosplaying the next day. then again, WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO BE SO LAST MINUTE... hmphhhhh!

cosplaying in korea is a new experience for me. firstly, they don't seem to welcome cosplayers that much. all cosplayers had to be registered, and you have to pay additional for entering. the money is used for clearing rubbish at the end of the day since cosplayers generate quite a lot of rubbish. tsk. however, they set up a pretty decent dressing room for us, so that's not so bad.

in busan, or rather in korea, there's not a lot of armoured cosplayers so passers by were pretty much awed by our berserker and shiny saber.

i watched a bit of the competition and most involved fighting. and they are all pretty good!!

we left about 5+ for dinner afterwards. in fact, we had to take the bus back to yong-in but because i didn't get to sightsee much i chose to stay another day and skip school xD in the end, all of us except jooa stayed because there was no seats left for the bus back... we had dinner at the interchange anyway, where their oden is pretty delicious.

then we checked in at a nearby motel - ta-sem and waky are pretty much dried out so they retired early for the day.

however since the night was still young, me and sy went over to the shopping district as well as the yeungdeungpo festival. just in time for the last day!

it's actually lantern displays, and we sort of had it at our chinese garden every year. it wasn't as big and as impressive as mentioned (or maybe cos it was the last day?) but it was still pretty nice.

we then went up to the busan tower since there's not much to do there! see the bulding at the back? that's lotte mall, where we will be heading next for shopping.

before we headed off, there was a heart-shaped seat so i dragged 00 to take a pic with me. hohohoh. but it was so bright so we can't really be seen properly. oh well.

and then it's off to the shopping street!

samsung even has their own clothes and fashion... wow.

there seemed to be some festival going on which was in the middle of being cleaned up when we reached. oh well.

look! my shop!

within the mall itself there was some nice metallic cut-outs on display so i took a picture of it as well. laser cuts are not only trendy in fashion, but in buildings and displays too!

we took the train back to our motel, since it cost us almost 20-30k just to take the taxi... never believe the koreans when they say it's near. tsk.

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