Wednesday, May 01, 2013

130501 Jeju West

ok, this is going to be the longest post with the most pictures for the entire korea trip. my photobucket is indicating 102 pictures. guess i'm going to be spending 1.5hrs writing this post O_O

so here goes.

we woke up early to set off around 10am for our west side area trip. had our last breakfast before we went off~ made scrambled eggs and omelette, and had the cup noodles that were lying around.

our first stop was to a waterfall area. (god, how many waterfalls must i see) - and actually i realised that i too, have been here before on my first trip.

oh look you can see one of our destination for today from here. yeah, that rock...

and as usual, where there's the seas, there's the seafood too.

we then stopped by a women diver beach. no women diver spotted though.

uh, at least there's statues of ladies?

there's also the black sand beach here, and it's, well, it's black.

i'm at the black sand beach! i'm at the black sand beach!

there's a boating area too. but we didn't take it. 

the waters look really pretty though.

next spot is a filming spot for full house. didn't watch the show, but the place is pretty.

church, where you need to pay to enter. of course. they need to offer those coins for amen's sake you know.

but pictures are free! spam!

not sure why there's so many other drama posters here, maybe they were all shot here before?? then again, iljimae is a saguk....

there was a field of sunflowers just along the road we were at, but you needed to pay to take pictures. which was not so expensive.

love these shots i took for xm!

there was another beach nearby, so we stopped there for a while too.

we had seafood duppegi for lunch and pajeon as well, but the pajeon wasn't very good.

the seafood, is awesome!

and our mr kim finished all the side dishes, well done!

and then we prepared to conquer the sunrise peak... why do i have to climb these... 

there was supposed to be a diver show, but we spent too much time at lunch and missed it T_T

so here starts the climbing... 

which actually wasn't so bad. only took less than 30mins to climb all the way to the top. i must be getting better...

staircase at the top.

and a crater that is not much beauty to behold.

we conquered sunrise peak!

and this sums up sunrise peak adventure.

next stop is at this lava place. 

or where lava used to flow, but now it's just a lonely cold, loooong tunnel. thank goodness they only allow you to walk 1km of it.

so we're going down....

i must agree on the excellency of night shots using my phone camera.

and this place would be great for a magical photoshoot!!

the turtle rock.

and xm insisted on a photo where she was touching it. =_=

we finally reached the end of the road!!

but the bad news is that there's another 1km of path back...

and we could finally see the light again after 2km of walking... so super cold inside!!!

our last stop was at our next hostel. and that's where we bade mr kim goodbye. it was nice knowing him, he's such an entertaining man. and because we probably felt like his daughters he was lenient on the timing for us and even bought food for us. hope we'll see you again!!!

we went off for a simple meal after looking at what a lot of places offered - alpab and gimbab.

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