Saturday, May 04, 2013

130504 Nami Island 나미선

woke up almost near noon and decided to head to nami island. it's about an hour ride from hyehwa, but you needed to change at one of the station and the train took so long to arrive. zzz. after you stop at chuncheon station, you had to take a bus/taxi to the ferry terminal and take a boat to the island. pretty complicated. oh, you get discounts as tourists too thankfully we brought our passports!

almost felt like we were going to another country.
and we're here~
there's quite a lot of pretty displays around using recycled stuff so don't mind the picture spams. hurhur
there's even a merlion here...

and thankfully it was still spring so there's a lot of pretty flowers in bloom


interesting samurai structure

and a winter sonata bridge where the lovers had their first kiss! by the way if you don't already know this place is actually a filming spot for winter sonata. i think the island was probably made for the show. and it's a place built for lovers (so i wonder why i'm here with xm...)


i took such a nice photo of the waters!


and there's some more winter sonata snowman. people started gathering around after i took my pic. grah.

some stalls selling random stuff

don't you think the sunlight gives the picture a fantasy like glow? hurhur
don't know why there's unicef here but we went in to have a look anyway

and there's also souvenir shops... of course.

these mushrooms reminded me of my laogong.
and more winter sonata spamssssss
and the famous tree-lined avenue.

a place to rememeber the character that died in the show.

random structure. you see the boobs of the mom flipped behind??

the evening glow of the sunset is so pretty.

i'm sure i saw this scene from the drama too!

(but it's actually 2 guys riding the bike. lol)
then on our way to the exit...

and finally we took the ferry back...

chuncheon was supposed to be famous for the dalkgalbi 닭갈비 but we didn't know which was good so we randomly selected one. it was in fact, so-so. the one in yong-in was much better...

the fried rice to be done with leftovers
with that we headed back to the hostel to rest for the day.

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