Friday, January 02, 2015

150102 Pine Resort

there was a ski resort just 20mins away from eunhwasam, so we brought our ski gears and taxi-ed over.

skiing is definitely not cheap here, it's about 100,000won per entry and rental of the gears at 50,000 (even if you're just borrowing one part, they count it as a whole.. so either don't bring anything or bring everything!)

at least i didn't only rode twice this time. i went up the smaller one twice. and year i went up like this cos it was so cold.

then we took a break and went for dinner at the convenience store. it's located within the resort and there's nice snowy decorations there~

olaf makes an appearance!

resting! without all our ninja gears.

then we continued night skiing on the advanced mountain. up on the cable car~

these are the views from the top. it looks pretty flat but it's actually quite high up!

after another 3 more times, my knees couldn't quite take it but at least i was twice more efficient than the last time...!

we went home and 00 whipped up some dinner for us.

actually he only heated up that bulgogi stew that was leftover from the morning. oh and he scrambled some eggs too. hahhah.

and we ended the dinner with my favourite honey pudding! you absolutely have to try this if you're in korea. it's so heavenly. best pudding i've ever had *_*

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