Sunday, January 04, 2015

150104 Departure

and then, of cos my last day T_T

my plane was at 2pm so we had some time to eat and wake up slowly before departing. ssighssss... no matter how many times this day comes it's still always sad. csl had photoshoot going on at a resort they had booked for 2D1N that i couldn't go too T_____T we had 1 final breakfast together... at lotteria. i was just curious about the breakfast, but it was really.... terrible.

so anyway 1.5hrs later, i'm at the airport again. the queue was super long everywhere and i was so late! managed to get in just 15mins before departure. omg.

even got to snap the hello kitty cafe there.

after a nice little meal onboard korean airlines... beef stew with potatoes is yummmy

with an ice cream dessert

and a nice hot pizza slice as snack.

6hours later, i reached changi around 8pm. and i took the bus home. had to stand all the way as there were no seats. so packed!!!!

and i brought a souvenir from korea home. byebye koreaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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