Wednesday, January 21, 2015

bride of the water god WIP

so here's the WIP of one of the more extravagant costumes i was on... soah from habaek's bride, wedding version~~

starting with the simplest skirt~ the skirt is actually super long so it was a pain to seam.

adding on the 10m of chiffon... where i placed gold laces at the edge

here's randomly  ironing on all the embroidery patches i got off tb

it was hard to judge the edges so i got myself a makeshift mannequin. heh!

then making the back ribbon...

combining the 2 strips 

adding on pearls~

and seeing how it looks with the skirt

strung together some pearl lines to drape around the skirt too

and 2 more hanging accessory done with my embroidery machine

seems it could be used as CNY decoration too...

did 2~ the other one was just taken from a patch of cloth cos the embroidery didn't look nice enough.

next was the top.

gold trimmings

necklace line decoration~

lined 2 strips of chiffon with pearls

and draped them over the top for a more layered effect

then spam embroidery patches!

made the inner sleeves and attached on the top

and now to work on the headgear.... the most complicated portion. basic structure made with foam

the rest was just sticking different parts together and decorations

finishing touches at the back with pearl and chain drapes

part of the accessory was this very tedious star and flower that i had to stick beads all over on

at least it looked decent when completed~

strung together

last was the winged part of the headgear

then sticking on the big peonies

made some fake braids to stick on

and the result combined~ with the flowers and stars too

the back is quite a mess and connected by pvc films but at least it makes wearing that much more simple and the accessories all stayed in place. heh..

and this is how you should store them!

last few finishing touches - embroidery patches

and of cos the veil. just a piece of red cloth where i stuck dangles at the edges.

and putting everything together to admire my finished work!

and ironing everything before the shoot.... i hang them on my lamp posts since they are too long to be hung anywhere else. ughh.

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