Tuesday, January 20, 2015

150120 Peter Pan

went to catch peter pan after work, compliments from vivi~~~

the show was not too bad but the dance was definitely not synchronised.

here's the stage set up before the show started at 8pm.

these red guys were hopping around for us to take pictures. heh.

he got bored standing there too long. 

and the show starts! i like that 2 piece of cloth blown around by a circle of fans.

my most favourite part was when the huge crocodile appeared.

and the pretty mermaid floating around~ felt like an elsa mermaid due to the bluish blings.

tinkerbell finally appeared, but the light was too strong for me to capture her T_T

they actually sang you raise me up. they adapted quite a lot of pop songs in the whole show and the resung versions were actually pretty nice.

and then the finale! they narrated the whole of the ending (one of which was supposed to be an epic battle), which was kind of too bad but oh well.

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