Tuesday, January 27, 2015

141206-07 Mura AFA

hahha finally gonna post on AFA!
puka and joan came down for the event as well as we got to meet up for dinner after my work several times. i was supposed to meet them at the hotel at bugis, but i thought it was where my sis had her wedding dinner so i went to the one in chinatown =_= well, at least we still managed to have dinner, albeit short.

whee! the next day was AFA and i went down.... as myself. hah. 

and the first group of people i saw were the pretty lovelive maids! selfie with them! how lucky hohoho

then i met up with puka and joan and we had desserts. green tea mille fieulle is awesomeeeeee

i managed to nab some sailormoon stuff with the help of puka power. whee!

the next day i went down as mura with our habaek's bride team. vic helped a bit with the tattoo outline. selfies!

thankfully i was with vic first if not i'll feel so alone walking around till the team comes T_T and we found a very good spot with chio lighting for selfies hahahaha.

and met up with the rest of the team~~ my little habaek

the tall mui

and pretty soaaaaah. my husband turned wifey. wwwwwwwwweeee

wwwwwwwww and i went to spasm over drag on dragoon team *_* shizu and kiri. too bad other members were not ready...

there was an all kaito team and i took with jes and zelmer

and our smlj peepz reiko and then

met the lisa lisa from jojo last time, she's now a shuai butler

and the handsome lenneth is here too!

so is puka and joan~

i actually managed to enter the event hall today so i went to take a look around. yay~

saw the real elsas too 

only got to see MJ after i changed out... oh well! better than nothing!

and we end the day with an SMLJ dinner at the korean restaurant. yum!

next day, had dinner with mm, puka and joan at tim ho wan near my office. due to work i arrived a little late and still had to sesnd out my banners. but at least we managed to have dinner~

after dinner mm took us on a drive through the christmas decorations in orchard before sending our guests to their hotel

next day, joan and puka dropped by for a last farewell lunch near my office. last selfies and hope the singapore trip was awesome~~~~~

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