Friday, March 27, 2015

150326-7 Namchin's arrival

i knocked off at 6pm but i had nothing better to do so i walked over to city hall to see if i could visit our forefather but gave up halfway after i ran out of time. took 2 hrs and i returned back to office to grab my stuff and head to the airport. i reached a tad too early, and ended up waiting for another 2 more hours before namchin arrived.

spent my time at yakun watching sailormoon... and wondering why on earth kids study at such ungodly hours these days.

we took the bus back in time and reached home around 1-2am.

the next day we just bunked in till late and kicked off around 2pm. hehe. went to walk along bugis and met with tkh and steph coincidentally. ended up having tea together at MOF, before we scoot off to melben at tpy for a crab night out!

may not look it but namchin lost a good 15kg since a year ago. whoa. and he's gotten so particular over his hair and clothes that it drove me nuts sometimes.

we had pepper and shimmering crab at melben with vio and yumi~~ then ice cream at Creamier. they sold this sea salt gula melaka ice cream which i rather like but was too odd fornamchin, so we ended up eating hokey pokey (something like caramel/honey).

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