Monday, March 02, 2015

Sailor Cosmos WIP

shall post on sailor cosmos progress today. so i did a search and i chanced upon sailor cosmos, and being one to be attracted to all things white - i immediately liked the costume and started work... haha!

even though it's all white, it really gives me some space to think about the kind of white material i wanna use for the different parts. wheee~

i also decided to use iridescent transparent plastic for all the wings can see there's a little rainbow reflection for this kind of material. and i've also decided to use gold trimmings for all the edges so it doesn't look too flat as opposed to using silver or white.

i love all things shiny but i can't spam them too much or they will drown each other out.. so i used shiny stuff for the collar but just normal satin for the whole dress, so the accessories will all stand out.

by the way the star you see in the middle is the same way i used to make the accessories for habaek's bride. the back is the iridescent paper peeled off from the plastic i used for my kazemon's wings.

and for the colored strips on her skirt, i took leftover stuff from our sailor team and used the different colors! love all the shiny pieces. alternating them with glitter pieces just gives it more shade, don't you think?

the shoulder pieces is done in the same way as the previous sailor outfit, except i stuffed foam inside this time so it's not as thick since i could adjust the foam thickness. so this is how it looks like when put together. i gave the skirt some gold trimmings as well. i like to put trimmings so the edges don''t look so raw.

and here's some more accessories she use for the head, neck, earrings, forehead and stuff. blingggggg.

now left with the weapon, shoes and wig styling and i'll be almost done~

ooh i started a bit on the weapon and the wings for the shoes too

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