Monday, March 30, 2015

150329-30 Genting FWH

sunday was a pretty normal day cos our bus was all the way at katong around 1030pm, so we had to hang around woodlands till it was time to go.
not a big problem since we woke up late (as usual) and didn't have that much time to go any further. went home around 7pm to pack our stuff and get ready to take the looooong bus trip to genting.
almost got lost by alighting at the wrong bus stop - seriously google maps make me lost 30% of the time - but managed to see that the bus was already returning the trip at the roundabout. our dinner was macdonald on the bus, and we watched big hero on namchin's G3.

when we reached genting it was around 3am in the morning, which was wayyy too early than expected. we couldn't check in and we were so damn tired! early check in costs 220RM per night at first world, and we wanted to know if the price was actually cheaper online. we found a wifi spot near kenny rogers and saw that first world hotel charged 45RM per night at the lowest. geez. some random guy kept appearing beside us to offer illegal hotel rooms at 150RM per night too. he claimed that we could use the key and check out the room first, then pay him when we're satisfied. it was all too suspicious so we didn't take up the offer.

ended up walking 3 more rounds at the empty mall, and sat at the lobby chair area to watch a vampire movie till it was about 10am. we walked to the genting resort area to get breakfast - macdonald again - before we went back to the lobby area and thankfully managed to check in at 12pm. had to change our money at the casino inside since it was the only booth working 24/7. exchange rate was ridiculous of course - 2.53 =_= if you change 1000sgd you can buy at 2.65, which was still lower than the outside market rate of 2.67. so never ever change your $$ at genting (made the mistake after having forgotten to change our money in singapore). here's an awesomely tired face of ours.

our bed was a triple sharing room that the agency upgraded for whoever stays at the newly-built annex (not that we have a 3rd person with us, the upgrade was rather meaningless). the room is clean, but it doesn't come with toothbrush and toothpaste, which is really annoying. there's also no free wifi, you have to pay like 10-20RM a day and you can only access from the lobby area. the cafe downstairs also sell sandwiches at like 15RM per piece, an absurd price for malaysian food.

since we have more or less explored the whole area, we began to replenish our lost sleep till evening time, when we got out to walk a few more rounds of the opened mall. interestingly, the stage area was opened to freelance performers, who took their hats out for money donation at the end of the show to sustain their living.

this fire performer was a guy from Venezuela or brazil.

the interior design of FWH mall is rather strange i must say.

it's an indoor theme park mixed with venetian themes with an indoor lake and random retail shops littered around. we ate dinner at a bahkutteh mee sua shop (about 18RM, so expensive) and returned to the main stage area to find another freelance performer - this time it's a south korean magician. pretty cute too!

had some kenny rogers muffin which namchin rather liked - there was pandan, mocha, vanilla and banana flavours, which are all not available in singapore. pandan is the best!

we walked all the way to resort mall and back to first world and finally rested for the day. really not much to do when you can't get out to the theme park. it was under construction and fox theme park is expected to be built in 2016.

the weather is cold and i had to borrow namchin's jacket... for some reasons he brought 3 and i didn't bring any. haha!

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