Monday, March 23, 2015

Remembering Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore's forefather, passed away at 3.18am this morning. He was 91.

I've probably seen him at National day from far far away, but I remember him from my social studies and history text. I remember having to read his book and write a review on it in secondary school.

It is heartbreaking to see such a great man pass away, though life will always have to pass on. I had hoped that he would be able to see Singapore through its 50 years, but it seems he had to leave early.

I hope whatever legacy he has built and left behind will be cherished by all Singaporeans. His hard work gave us all the safe, comfortable life and clean environment we enjoy today.

He was, and forever will be, a great man in my heart.

RIP, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

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