Saturday, March 28, 2015

150328 Science Centre

whoa.. it's been like years since i've been to science centre. i think my last trip here was in primary 4 or 6, and i'm not quite sure how things have changed since i don't even remember it.

we spent most of the day here, because every other thing we were seeing is either interactive or makes you's a spot that turns your face into something ghastly or puts a wig on for you when you sit on the chair in front of it. kinda like augmented reality!

there's a world of sounds corner, and namchin decided to make a call and talk to the unknown person on the other side. there was really a voice speaking btw.

there was also a fire tornado show in between. think it was around 3pm or so?

and it becomes a smoke tornado after all the oil burnt up.

and we continue walking... and challenged ourselves to a balloon game. haha. it's like being in the arcade!

there's also an eco garden if you're feeling sick of the air con.

we came to this ez heroes place where there's a lot of interactive games going on and we participated in all of them. it was pretty fun! and at the end you get to wear the ez hero hat.

but something went wrong here...

i had a crazy laugh over how the machine detected a head on namchin's chest. and when he raised his arm there's a head as well. so now he's really 3-headed. hahah!

there's a nice wired tree here!

nice trees deserve some selfies

and the high voltage performance comes on!


we went upstairs to watch the show as the sound effects were pretty loud. 

but we weren't alone... look at einstein crawling up and down on the ropes here...

the show ended with a bang. literally. the balloons there just blew into flames. whoa.

then proceeded to look at some weirdest japanese invention ever.

and there's a photography corner where it renders a picture of you into many styles. can you see us?

there's a body museum going on too so we took the path as well. you crawl in via the mouth, then travel through the guts and stuff and eventually come out of the anus. pretty interesting! doesn't this remind you of shingeki?

we went to watch a 45mins documentary on sharks at the omni theatre around 6pm, where namchin fell asleep.zzzz. so much for showing him the queer theatre... /hesnotimpressed

for dinner, we hopped over to JEM and Westgate and ate at Menya Musashi. desserts was at miam miam!!

didn't expect the french toast to have a ball of cream, thought it was ice cream. nonetheless, when you spread them over the toast it's actually pretty nice. we drank lots of water before heading to woodlands, where we spent a bit of time chatting at macdonald's before heading home. whee hee~~

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