Monday, March 02, 2015

Granado Espada - Asoka WIP

started on a new project with the materials i ordered over CNY, but i'm still far from completion - asoka from granado espada. i'm a sucker for fancy and kinda challenging costumes and whilst this isn't exactly a complicated costume it's gonna take a fair amount of patience with all those pearls... good to do while watching boring dramas!

i figured out a really time-consuming way to do those pearls on the leg. sorry for the x-rated picture but... i had a hard time looking at all these while searching for the right cross-hatched stockings too. well anyway i managed to find one that looks almost the same... so i bought it here.

then i wear the stockings and paste on half-pearls... for around 2 days or over the weekend i was just pasting this while watching zhen huan, this china drama. (which is kinda boring but interesting at the same time. thank goodness the character only wears this on one leg cos i'm still not done with this TwT. maybe another day will do, but i don't know how to reach the back of my leg properly without strenuous yoga bending. urgh.

i took a little break and worked on the easier parts first... still gotta decorate em with patterns. grrr.

not the exact same patterns but they are the closest. these are like real thai silk. expensive...

all those funny patterns on her dress is killing me... grrr...

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