Wednesday, August 04, 2010


was a horrible start to the entire journey. first my dad bang seh-ed me so i didn't have a car to take to the airport, then no one bothered to reply my 'HELPPPP'. in the end i decided to just take the train over so i got out of the house, and then i realised i didn't bring my ezlink (i really remembered putting it in, maybe it got lost somewhere...). tried to buy a ticket to go there but guess what! the machine doesn't want to accept my notes for some strange reason.. took a cab there in the end and were told that we were at the wrong terminal (should be 1 instead of 2). when i boarded the airplane, i realised my camera was lost.


so here thanks to everyone who sent us off...~ i kapo-ed my pictures from everywhere so please don't mind me if i didn't credit you... i can't remember...


and a video by usagi. hahahah lols!

well i guess the good thing was we didn't really need a camera since there were lots of photographers around, but still... sighhs at least i have my lousy handphone...

nothing much to do for the first day. we touched down and had to wait for about an hour before the bus come, and another hour before the koreans come so we could all take the mini van together to head to the hotel. shopped around the airport, got mostly muji stuff. haha..

our whole process is documented here

a bit too late, but you'll find lots of twitpics here

and many videos of the process here but they are all so laggyyyyy. they were streamed live via u-stream

they have 2 blog writers too, one for the chinese edition and another for the japanese one.

and so here we are in japan, with our very first chui picture...


there wasn't much to do, so we headed off to osu temple with spain and brazil teams, and then mandarake. whee~!

had dinner back at coco curry house.

dinner was curry...


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