Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WCS Competition

has possibly got to be the worst day in the whole trip. before the performance everyone was still pretty hyped up... i even had the mood to take lots of pictures. i spent 2.5 hours trying to 'tan' myself, make up, getting the tattoo right. i'm still angry over the messy tattoo job mm said ok to. c'mon, we don't need a lot of time to dress up bahamut!!! zzz.

come to think of it, i think my oversight on many things probably caused the disastrous outcome in the end.

here's rie, the past year winner for wcs


with shiguma. they are the japanese representatives and their lively ninja performance was very entertaining!


awesome valkyrie profile 2 from brazil. gabriel's make up is WOW. look at the devilish glowing eyes! i love their flying act.


vanessa from bayonetta, spain. her partner narcis was AWESOME too but didn't manage to get their shots! i love their backdrop sets.


very blur picture with my idol because tkh says i should attend to my partner and refused to take another one for me T.T sadded


and yes, bahamut was thirsty...


ok.. so or performance...

no one noticed the glitches, but there were like TONS of them. first, our armour fell apart and i was going crazy sticking them up with red tape, whilst ignoring the million eyes behind our backs. when i came out, my spear broke too fast so there was no transition from straight to bendy, and i missed the first attack cue. then the plugs for the backdrops were somehow switched off, so our backdrop couldn't light up at all. remember the circling lights... well, there goes the 200-300dollars. poof and didn't even manage to showcase itself. then i forgot the remote for the laser, but it didn't really matter because they switched on all the lights during the last part, so the laser wouldn't even be visible. we had the lowest score from that team.

so there, when we finished off... we were totally depressed. we blew our chance big time, we let singapore down. it was the worst day of my life, possibly.

congrats to italy for winning!! their sets were awesome, storyline easily understandable and the skit is so cute!

and team thailand got the brother prize. the quality of their bahamut is just sheer wins. and look at the cooooool motorbike!!!!!!

other teams that i really love...

korea's fantastic fighting and the godly armour. i love the last part where they took their helmets off, it's like a battle to the end (also i could see sy's face lol)

china's puppeteering fan dance is just epitome of dance. i can't get enough of them!!!! very well synchronised.

USA's beautiful love story. they are really very well coordinated. got goosebumps while watching...

denmark's 2 pretty girls with their halloween dance.

except when tkh told sy 'hug her' and i received a get well hug. (instant mood lifter, you could see my big cheshire grin)

well, guess mm had it worse...

all our efforts seem to went to naught. but yeah... here's our lousy performance anyway...

a zoomed in view

and a speech report of the situation

at least yuri also came to cheer us up and we got hugs from her too :D thank you yuri! T-T

so that night, and the next night, and the next next night, i was going to drink myself silly. and it was actually not hard to do it, given that i couldn't really sleep at all. sometimes it seems that liquor does help ease your sleep. alcoholism is in my genes, blame my dad for it.

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