Sunday, March 24, 2013

130324 Wau Jeongsa

visited the huge buddha for the weekend. it's just around yong-in city and seems to be a place that's popular with the thais (cos there's thai writings everywhere).

before that we went over to eat mr pizza. it's expensive, but the flavours they have is worth a try. there's pizzas that's even split in 4 for 4 different flavours, though it wasn't available at the restaurant we visited. actually 1 pizza is more than enough for 2 person, but some people just don't like to order just 1 item. or maybe mr 0 hates bread that much =_= still i managed to eat the dakddugi flavour that was advertised on their website~

well anyway here's wau jeongsa at a glance. generally i don't like to visit religion-related places, unless there's someone special to walk with. so it's ok this time! kekeke.

we took a taxi over since no buses go there.

so this buddha you see, is pretty big. the head is maybe 10 floors high. it reminded me of the statue in kamakura.

you have to climb pretty high up to see all the things there. ugh. oh well, just treat it as exercising...!

and after you climbed up you get to see... temples. i mean that's what we're here for right.
and statues of course. don't you just love them. my photos are pretty nice right.

there was these 12 zodiacs on the opposite of the statue and 00 says that this statue is in a thinking position as it was frustrated at the little kids who were pulling at the zodiac statues. lol

once you go further up you can see uh, more statues. there was nice drawing panels at the side telling some stories, but 20% of it has been scratched off.
oh and i'm gonna tell you how to leave your name in history easily. you pay like 1,000,000 won to leave your name on one of the selected 'gods'.
or you could buy a panel and write a message. and these tiles will get stacked into a little pavillion.
if not you can always mull in a corner and stack stones.
what, aren't they cool...??
wanted to snack at a korean house before we head back but the uncle who came out told us it wasn't very good, so we hailed a taxi and went back for the day. short and sweet trip.

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